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Helping you think long term to act now
Having a look at the world in a systemic manner to find innovation opportunities and anticipate risks
Helping you and your team imagine a desirable future

Our services

Foresight studies

  • Identifying trends and weak signals
  • Building scenarios to drive strategic
    decision under uncertainties
  • Providing a high-quality anticipation to different customers, particularly CEO, Board, risk department, innovation department
  • Adapting strategies to transitions

Foresight training

  • Workshops “ weak signal identification”
  • Workshops “ scenario building”
  • Workshops “ decisions under uncertainties”
  • Workshops “how to anticipate risks”
  • Workshops “how to include foresight in your strategy”


  • Keynote speeches
  • Speaker in dinners to create customer intimacy
  • Animation of panel discussions in both English and French

Sparring partner of Executives

  • To better include long term thinking
    in vision and strategy
  • To reflect on impact of trends on your business
  • To better detect weak signals in and around your organisation

Creative writing for the future

  • Workshops in Paris
  • Online workshops
  • 5 days retreat in France or Greece –
    Together with Maud Vidal-Naquet


I am a futurist and a strategist, passionate about identifying trends and weak signals to help leaders decide under uncertainties. I have more than 15 years of experience in the field: I have vorked for Futuribles, a Paris based foresight think tank and then by AXA as Group Head of Foresight and Group Head of Security Strategy.

I am a social scientist with a focus on sociology of risks and crises. I am associate researcher at Centre de sociologie des organisations (CNRS-Sciences po Paris) in the crisis lab:

I am a professor at Sciences po Paris, La Sorbonne, HEC Executive education, INSP, among others. Lectures in French and in English: foresight methods, sociology of risk, digital transformation of the firm, non-financial risks, among others.

I regularly speak in high level conferences, contribute in boards or high level expert groups to help bring the long term view on complex topics (emerging technologies, evolution of the security landscape, etc)

I was a civil expert in crisis management exercises (NATO CRR-FR)
I speak English, French, German and Italian.
I play the violin and enjoy singing.
I read a book per week :

Award: digital women of the year 2018 / Argus de l’Assurance

Professional affiliation
– Member of the French High level committee on military condition and reservist (Colonel – ADER, P22 and member of Cercle Fontenoy)
– Member of la société française de prospective
– Member of the scientific Board of Futuribles
– Member of Airbus Star Program
– US Department of State – International Visitor Leadership Program – IVLP 2014
– Member of the High level expert group on AI – European Commission
– Member of the ENISA Strategic advisory board





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