As keynote speaker, I share views on the future of geopolitics, technologies, societies. Some examples below…


Réseau de Développement de l’Innovation Pays de la Loire (RDI), Nantes, France
Keynote: Prospective de l’innovation

Banque populaire Val de France, Tours, France
Keynote: Prospective d’un monde en mouvement

Conference ADISSEO, Le clecy, France
Keynote: Geopolitical outlook

Conference Institut DIDEROT, Paris, France
Keynote: Future of AI in business and societies


Conference KPMG, Paris, France
Keynote: World mega trends and what it means for business and leaders

Conference BE CYBER, Brussel, Belgium
Keynote : The future of cybersecurity for individual and societies

Conference MAIRIE DE PARIS, Paris, France
Keynote : The future of work


Conference ENISA, Athens, Greece
Keynote : The future of cyber risks in 2030


Conférence Sciences po, Futurs pluriels, Paris, France
Keynote : Un monde multi-crises, quels enjeux pour les organisations ?

Conférence ENISA, Bruxelles, Belgium
Keynote: AI and Cybersecurity

Conference ENGAGE online
Keynote: Penser le monde de demain


Conference Big data Paris, France
Keynote: The future of AI

OECD, Strategic Foresight conferences, Paris, France
Keynote: World mega trends

Conference Center for strategic future, Foresight conference, Singapore
Keynote: The future of work


Conference IAPP , Brussels, Belgium
Keynote: La portabilité des données au sein de l’Union Européenne

Conférence Géopolitique du risque, ENS Paris, France
Keynote : L’innovation responsable en intelligence artificielle


Conference Powering the Change, Adelaide, Australia
Keynote: Insuring the circular economy in a digital world / sustainable IT

Confernce insurtech AI, London, UK
Keynote: The future of insurance

Internet of Things & Data Protection Conference, Paris, France, AXA Research Fund
Keynote : Legal and ethical challenges: A European-American comparative approach

Mankind in 2037, Club Open Prospective, Orange, Chatillon, France
Keynote : La donnée personnelle dans le futur, une présentation fictive

SCOR Annual conference 2017, The art and science of risks, Paris, France
Keynote: The future of AI


Conference MyData 2016, Helsinki, Finland
Keynote :  The future of data privacy

Digiworld summit 2016, Plenary sessions – Big Data and finance industry
Keynote : How data collection and usage can serve digital trust?

InsurTech Europe 2016, London, UK
Keynote: The future of insurance

MEF European Consumer Trust Summit, London, UK
Keynote: The future of data privacy and AI

Insurtech Rising, 2016, London, UK
Keynote: The future of Blockchain in insurance


Conference at the Social Science Environmental Health Institute at Northeastern University, Boston, United States of America
Keynote:  The use of social sciences in environmental agencies

Conference at Aix Marseille School of Economics, Aix, France
Keynote:  The future of big data in insurance and beyond


Colloque ANSES/Sciences po Paris sur l’usage des sciences sociales dans l’expertise risque, Paris, France
Keynote: The use of social sciences in risk assessment and risk management organisations


OECD High level risk forum, Paris, France
Keynote: The use of social media in risk and crisis communication


International research symposium “The UN & NATO forward from the joint declaration”, New York University and NATO defense college, New York, United States of America
Keynote: UN-NATO collaboration in times of crises: Could the comprehensive/integrative approach be a way to bring the two organizations together?

SGIR 7th Pan-European International Relations Conference (ECPR-ISA), Stockholm, Sweden
Keynote: The effects of managing the crisis in Afghanistan on the future of NATO

CIOR summer congress symposium, Stavanger, Norway
Keynote: The Use of the Comprehensive Approach in Afghanistan

4e Rendez-vous européens de Strasbourg (ENA) – European Parliament, Strasbourg, France
Keynote: L’action extérieure de l’Union Européenne après Lisbonne et son impact sur l’exercice de la présidence

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